The Beginnings of the Crafty Cabin

Susie Bommersbach

A couple of years ago - I had a harsh dose of reality.  I had just turned the big 5-0, I was happy in my job and my husband and I had started to research when we wanted to retire and where we wanted to live.  Then came my dose of reality.  The job I had loved and had for nearly 20 years was taken away from me (along with 140+ co-workers).  

I had a few months to figure it all out, as we were given several month's notice, but even with all that time and planning, I had a few panicky moments.  Through losing my job, and the stress of looking for a new job - I found I needed to be creative to keep my sanity.

Luckily, I was able to find a job and started it a week after my old job ended.  But I kept up my crafty side and resumed planning for my retirement with my husband.

This led us to find a small bit of heaven on Minnesota's Leech Lake.  Once bought, we gutted our little bargain and replaced everything from the flooring to the outlets and painted every wall and ceiling.

For my creative side, I decided I could make most everything to decorate it.  I also did this out of necessity, as I wanted custom items and they were priced too high for me to afford.

I began to research what I needed to make the signs and other items I wanted to create.  I purchased my supplies and used leftover household paint from various projects.  Once I started making things, my friends and co-workers would ask if I could make items for them.

This is how the Crafty Cabin began, and now  I have the ability to offer a few of my most popular items online.  I hope you enjoy my products.   I take great care in creating them, so you can be proud to display them.  Creating for others has helped me cope with some stressful times and in turn has brought joy to others.