My Favorite Cricut Hack - Pencil Grips for Pen and Marker Holders.

Susie Bommersbach

Have you ever wanted to use all your great pens and markers with your Cricut Explore?  There are pen adapters out there and they get good reviews.  But I was in a bind and could order online, I wanted my Explore to use the markers I had in my stash right now!

So I trotted off to the Dollar Tree and picked up a pack of pencil grips.  I watched a video from Ken's Kreations on YouTube on how to remove the pen holder ( and I did a test on a Sharpie, a Dollar Tree Glitter Pen and a Bistro Chalk Marker.

I cut the pencil grips in half and wrapped them evenly around each one.  I inserted them holding a popsicle stick below and once it touched the stick, I clamped it shut.  All three did great.  I posted pictures below and you can see for yourself.  Give it a try!

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Glitter Pen


Bistro Chalk Marker