About Us

Susie B's Crafty Cabin Designs was created because my family purchased their first ever lake place and I wanted to decorate it with fun items but had a limited budget.  I researched how to make my own word art and created items for every room.  Soon I had friends asking me to create items for them.  One thing led to another and Susie B's Crafty Cabin Designs opened for business in 2014.

I am a Midwestern wife and mother of 3 grown boys.  We live in North Dakota and have a lake home in our neighboring state, Minnesota.

I make and create items that reflect the lake and rural lifestyle.  Most of my designs are hand painted on wood, but I work in other mediums too and will add them as I create them.

If you have any questions about my products, or need a custom item created, feel free to contact me at sbommersbach@gmail.com

You can also find Susie B's Crafty Cabin Designs on Facebook and Instagram